Mysore Ashrama opened to a three day "All India Bonsai Convention & Exhibition" from 24th to 26th November 2007. Sri Swamiji's genuine and full interest in Bonsai art had brought to Mysore Ashrama, many Bonsai Masters from across the world and hundreds of enthusiasts from all parts of India. As part of the three day program, a special Bonsai Plant Exhibition was arranged in Ashrama. Here, Bonsai groups from different parts of India had brought their prized Bonsai plants and were on display for three days. On 23rd Evening, Sri Swamiji welcomed the world renowned Bonsai Masters to Ashrama and a newly built Cactus garden was inaugurated.

     On 24th, morning, Sri Swamiji and the Bonsai masters went in a colorful procession from Universal Prayer Hall to Nada Mantapa. The procession showcased cultural troupes from Karnataka like "Dollu Kunita drummers", "people dressed like Adivasis (tribals), people dressed like trees etc., The visiting Bonsai masters were garlanded by an elephant.

     In Nada Mantapa, Sri Swamiji lit the inaugural lamp. All Bonsai masters poured water to a "Peepul" bonsai plant as tradition. The postal department released a special postal cover to commemorate this special event. Mr. Daizo Iwasaki, vice chairman of WBFF (World Bonsai Friendship Federation) was honored with "Sasya Bandhu" title. All Bonsai Masters were honored. On the stage were, Sadguru Sri Sri Swamiji, Mrs. Solita Tafur Rosade (Chairperson, WBFF), Mr. Chase Rosade and Mr. Guy Guidry of USA, Mr. Min Hsuan Lo and I.C.Su from Taiwan, Mr. Sulistyo from Indonesia, Mr. Xin CHang Bao from China, Mr & Mrs. Parekh from Mumbai. The Indo Japanese Bonsai association was co-host of the event. 

     Mrs. Solita Tafur in her opening remarks thanked Sri Swamiji for organising this event and expressed happiness over the large number of interested persons who had enrolled for the three day convention. She explained about the WBFF activities and objectives. 
Sri Swamiji in his address called on the public to develop green awareness and care for ecology and save plants and trees. Sri Swamiji said that even Lord Krishna sleeping on a Banyan leaf in a sea - represented the soul developing in a womb and that the Banyan leaf represented the "nurture and support" nature would give to all living beings. Even in tumultuous world (like a sea), nature is the only support that living beings would have to depend on (here baby Krishna represented the beings). Sri Swamiji said that trees are the back bone of mother nature and indiscriminate tree felling was alarming and that it would lead to a situation of irreparable damage.
Bonsai masters were honored with the traditional Mysuru Peta (silk head turban), Kankana (armlet), green color Panditara Shaalu (shawl worn by Pundits) and a souvenir. Mr. Parekh offered Peetambara and a Mala to Sadguru Sri Sri Swamiji.

     Later in the morning, Mrs. Solita Tafur Rosade gave a demonstration on Bonsai development. In the afternoon, her husband, Mr. Chase Rosade worked on a plant and explained his way of Bonsaing that plant. Later Mr. Min Hsuan Lo and Mr. Sulistyo conducted a workshop with 10 carefully selected participants each.

     Thousands of visitors queued up to see the Bonsai plants exhibition and enjoyed it. They were awe struck with the beautiful arrangements of the plants and the exquisite beauty of the plant. Ashrama breathed Bonsai that day.

Sri Guru Datta.