Kishkinda Bonsai

         Sri Swamiji’s love for greenery and ecology is legendary. If Ashrama wears a green look, it is because of the enduring and affectionate attention Sri Swamiji and the trained dedicated volunteer garden staff put in since 30 years.

The Gardens in the Ashrama have developed over the past three decades. When the Ashrama began in 1966, one of the first horticultural activities was the planting of hundreds of non-hybridized coconut trees on its western boundary. These trees are still yielding coconuts today that are used for Puja and cooking. This was followed by the cultivation of roses, jasmine and other varieties of seasonal flowers for Puja use. Herbal plants were also started in different areas as time went on. In the early 80’s, the beautiful, tall and robust palm trees which now line the Ashrama’s main entrance road were planted.

In 1986, Sri Swamiji commenced the development of what is the present Herbal garden. Slowly, within this plot, the following various mini gardens dedicated to specific aspects of creation manifested: Rashi Vana (plants connected with signs in the zodiac system), Nakshatra Vana (plants connected with the 27 stars of Indian astrology), Raga Vana (plants connected with the sounds of Indian music scale), Saptarishi Vana (seven plants connected with the seven great Indian sages) and Panchayatana Vana (five gardens of plants connected with the worship of Mother Goddess). Existing in the midst of these gardens is the Akala Moksha Stupa.  It is a gigantic terra cotta shrine dedicated to the performance of Pujas honoring those who have met with unnatural deaths, such accidents, suicides, etc.

Also in 1986, a deer park was created. For close to a decade, deer lived within that enclosure as the original deer venue was full of newly planted trees. It was the intention that the trees would grow and reach a suitable level of maturity to survive the herbaceous diet of the deer. That deer park has now become the new KISHKINDHA MULIKA BONSAI GARDEN.

It is very difficult to adequately explain the Ashrama’s unique gardens with words. The diverse gardens now encompass over 4 acres! Come and have fun exploring the pleasing arrangements of plants and trees.

Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden is an exquisite collection of more than 100 carefully shaped and miniaturized trees. The trees have been aesthetically displayed in oriental garden setting amidst the tranquil surroundings of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashrama.


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