Sri Swamiji

His Holiness Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the present day is an asset to India and the world at large. He is an incarnation of the Great Cosmic Power. Revival of culture, reformation of society and establishing peace and happiness among mankind and transforming into godly men is his mission. His methods include: establishing Dharma.* and Bhakti.* by singing devotional hymns, by reciting the names of the Lord Almighty and inculcating the masses by instilling into them love of God through chorus singing of Bhajans and listening to his meditation-music.

Sri Swamiji is traveling the world to help seekers discover that everything is God. In Him devotees find compassion, love and divine wisdom as He guides them on the path of Yoga sadhana - to discover and realize their true Self. Sri Swamiji conveys an important part of His message through His music, being noted for His namasankirtan. Sri Swamiji's music is devotional and used for spiritual energy transmission. This great master sings self-composed bhajans in Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and English and plays ayurvedic healing ragas on an electronic synthesizer, accompanied by musicians on classical Indian instruments. Devotees around the world claim to have received immense benefit through his concerts, everything from physical healing to spiritual guidance, and great outpourings of divine love. It is easier to describe what He does than to say who He is. To begin to know who he is one must experience him, one must adopt the attitude of a seeker of God. Sri Swamiji speaks simply and to the heart in fact He is a silent teacher who teaches through your own love and devotion . To experience Him is to begin to know one's own true self. Being a keen nature lover, Sri Swamiji has special interest in developing spiritual gardens thereby enlightening people about divinity of Mother Nature.

Sri Swamiji has been at the forefront of Bonsai development and within a short period, the Ashrama now boasts of a great Bonsai garden with rare medicinal herbs being grown across a spread of a hectare. The Navagraha, Sapta Rishi garden, nakshtra (stars) garden and Rashi (zodiac signs) Gardens stand testimonials to Sri Swamji's innovative zeal and zest for evolving new paradigms for adoring and worshiping nature. The Bonsai garden in the ashrama is shining gem in the glittering crown called Avadhoota Datta Peetham in Mysore.